Emma Woods


Emma Woods has a long history of working in restaurants. Growing up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, she was introduced to the high class restaurants that populate the area. She worked at The Bramble Inn starting off as a pantry chef in 1999 and working her way up to sous chef. She was trained by Ruth Manchester who was inducted into “The Best Chefs of America” in 2013. Then, in 2013, Emma began working at Chickpea Café, where she became the kitchen manager.

Emma has developed many talents due to her multi faceted interests in cooking, travel, and language. Growing up as a Korean adoptee in an American family, she has always had a deep interest in Korean cuisine. Noticing that Korean food relies on the natural fermenting processes and chili peppers for flavor, Emma was able appreciate the difference that this healthy cuisine possesses from fatty western food which relies on salt and oils for flavor.

Ross Franklin


Ross Franklin has worked in restaurants and other parts of the service industry for over 4 years. He spent three and half years at Johnny Carino’s Country Italian in both Bozeman, MT and Denver, CO. He attended college here in Bozeman, MT from 2005 until 2009. He studied and received his bachelor degree in History and Education. He then taught English for 14 months to Korean elementary and middle school students in Daegu, Korea. 

While living and traveling in Korea, Ross embraced the country’s culinary and cultural offerings. As a vegetarian, he searched through the city of Daegu to find what would become his favorite restaurants and dishes. Leaving Korea inspired, he returned to Bozeman in order to start a restaurant that would channel these fresh flavors.